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The Leadership of Millennials: Profile of a Generation

Stein, Guido; Mesa, Rafael; Martín, Miguel

The Leadership of Millennials: Profile of a Generation






The aim of this technical note is to explain who millennials are, where they came from, and what they're like. Millennials are a special generation (though perhaps every generation is special in one way or another) because, though by no means revolutionary, they have been original in making it known that they're not entirely pleased with the world we're leaving them. In the testimonies we will present it is often clear that millennials go along with prevailing social habits, such as those customary in companies, but do not make concessions when it comes to what they believe is important, probably because they hold out the hope of regaining a more worthwhile way of life.
The way to manage people is to accept the traits that define them, not to insist that they take on others deemed more suitable. Millennials are what they are: normal but indispensable, worthy of respect and admiration in many ways, though they also need to mature and be given a push in many regards. Their virtues outweigh their faults, even though they're immersed in a shifting fog created by the generation that preceded them, the materialism and selfishness of the world around them, and the uncertainty that's part of the air they breathe. No generation has ever had it so easy and so hard at the same time.
This note is not aimed primarily at them, but at those who must manage, continue training, encourage and correct them while also offering an example that excites them. Those of us who belong to earlier generations share responsibility for their shortcomings, for the points where they need to be pressed more than for their strengths. This document is not intended simply to criticize: Our goal is to offer a straightforward analysis that serves as a call to action. In another technical note we will take a look at the keys to managing millennials: management policies and leadership styles.
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