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Fu Ji Food and Catering

Jin, Li; Liao, Li; Zhu, Jielun; Sun, Wenkai

Fu Ji Food and Catering






Fu Ji, the largest corporate caterer in China, is thinking about how its financing strategy accommodates the overall corporate strategy. Fu Ji has enjoyed phenomenal growth as the corporate catering market in China develops. But that growth in the business also entails a transition from a single restaurant to a restaurant chain, then to a catering business. Is Fu Ji well equipped for the new business model? What does it need to do on the financing side to accommodate the transition of its business model? The company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is thinking about issuing additional convertible bonds to finance its growth. What is the funding need? What are the alternative sources of funding that it has? How would the choice of financial instrument affect, and be affected by, the business strategy and how is the instrument choice influenced by the general development of the financial markets in China?

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