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IESE Insight is a quarterly research-based review. Publishing on line enables the entire magazine content to be complemented by related teaching and research materials, opinion articles, business indicators, audiovisual files and a fully searchable database of archived material comprising over 20,000 references. Each issue of IESE Insight contains a stimulating mix of in-depth articles, lively interviews and practice-oriented features.

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With their minds on the crisis and other day-to-day concerns, most executives aren't thinking about the big issues their companies are likely to face over the next few decades. However, there is a series of global trends -- from systemic risks, to disruptive new technologies, to aging populations -- that will certainly affect them. Although anticipating the future is not easy, the executive dossier in the recently published issue of IESE Insight review will help.
Why are rewards so massively unbalanced in favor of shareholders and top management? And why is it that the top managers of floundering firms, or even firms that go belly up under their stewardship, nevertheless receive massive compensation packages?
The latest issue of IESE Insight magazine is designed to help managers understand the various dimensions of digital transformation, and learn which skills are needed to navigate the seas of change successfully.