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Eveready: Taking on the Indian Consumer-Appliance Market

Sandeep Puri; Shalini Joshi; Shamik Debnath

Eveready: Taking on the Indian Consumer-Appliance Market






In March 2016, Eveready Industries India Limited (Eveready) announced its intention to venture into the consumer-appliance segment. Eveready was the market leader in the batteries segment in India, with a market share of more than 50 per cent. The company's portfolio comprised dry-cell batteries, flashlights, packet tea, compact fluorescent lamps, and LEDs. Eveready was readying itself to take on the giants of home appliances in India. With India's home-appliances industry still underpenetrated, was Eveready's entry into this segment timely? If yes, what strategic capabilities could it leverage? How should it then differentiate itself at a time when the market was saturated with multilevel segmentation? What could be the possible obstacles to Eveready's success in the consumer-appliance industry?

Publication date

29 Nov 2016

Date of review

31 Jan 2017

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