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1.1. Scope of the contract
These Terms and Conditions of Contract apply to all commercial transactions made through the virtual store of IESE PUBLISHING, located on the website www.iesep.com, with students, faculty members, partners, individuals, professionals, companies, consumers, users or any other final recipient (hereinafter, THE USER).


1.2. Details of the service provider
The domain www.iesep.com and the trade mark IESE PUBLISHING are owned by IESE (hereinafter, IESE PUBLISHING), with tax code R-3168001J and registered address at Avenida Pearson 21, 08034 Barcelona (Spain).


1.3. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Contract
The use by THE USER of the services of the IESE PUBLISHING store implies, in any case, adherence to the Terms and Conditions of Contract in the version published by IESE PUBLISHING when sending the order request, and which is available to customers on the website. Therefore, THE USER should carefully read the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to make an order request. If THE USER ticks the "I have read and I accept the T&Cs" option at the checkout, it shall be considered that THE USER fully understands and accepts said terms and conditions. However, if THE USER does not accept these Terms and Conditions of Contract, the transaction shall be concluded and shall not entail the assumption of any type of obligation on the part of THE USER. Once an order request has been made through the website, THE USER shall receive an email confirming that said request has been successfully sent. The confirmation of the Order Request shall be accompanied by a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Contract and the Withdrawal and Revocation document.


1.4. Content and information provided
IESE PUBLISHING reserves the right to modify at any time the items shown on the website (modifications of products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service terms and conditions). IESE PUBLISHING strives to offer the information contained in its website accurately and without typographical errors. If an error of this type were to occur, at all times beyond the will of IESE PUBLISHING, it shall be corrected immediately.




2.1. Payment methods
USERS may pay for their order by Visa or MasterCard. Payment shall be via the Virtual POS of BBVA, the secure payment gateway of this bank. 

If you are unable to pay via this method, you may contact the IESE PUBLISHING team and request the possibility of payment by bank transfer in your profile ("Transfer - Prior Payment"). This option will let you pay for your order by bank transfer and, once you send proof of payment, the IESE PUBLISHING team shall process your order as normal.


2.2. Delivery

a) Download: at the end of the purchase process, the system will let you download the purchased documents. To do so, you will need to have a version higher than 6.0.1 of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

b) Express courier delivery: the system recognises the destination and automatically applies delivery costs. Orders leave the IESE PUBLISHING warehouse 48 hours after confirmation of your order.

c) Collection at IESE: You may collect the purchased material 48 hours after confirmation from IESE Business School in Barcelona (Campus Sur; Avenida Pearson, 21 08034 Barcelona - Spain).


2.3 Restrictions on use: personal and non-transferable use
Only personal and non-transferable use of the access codes to www.iesep.com and downloaded files is allowed. THE USER is permitted to use and print out said content for strictly personal and non-commercial use. Upon accessing www.iesep.com, THE USER agrees not to sell, publish, distribute (with the exception of copies purchased for academic use), retransmit or provide any access to www.iesep.com or to the content downloaded from the website. 

THE USER agrees not to use www.iesep.com and its content for any illegal purposes. IESE PUBLISHING reserves the right to cancel the access to www.iesep.com of said user, cancel their subscription, and/or adopt the legal actions deemed appropriate, at its own discretion, if it considers that fraudulent use thereof is being committed.


2.4 Returns and refund policy
The majority of the IESE Publishing catalogue includes documents which may be distributed electronically to the user purchasing them. Each delivery is customised for the private use of said user (individual use) or for teaching purposes (collective use) through a label which authorises said use. Therefore, IESE Publishing does not accept returns and does not refund orders. 

Likewise, the user buying materials through the "Download" delivery option must print them out and keep a copy of the file. The electronic delivery of documents ("Download") is a way of sending an order, not a product in itself. The legitimate use of the printed copy concerns the purchased end product. Therefore, IESE PUBLISHING shall not be held liable for any orders which have not been printed out at the time, or any electronic files lost in the event of hard disk formatting, machine replacement, etc.
However, books may be changed if a manufacturing defect is observed within one week of receipt.


2.5 Withdrawal

In accordance with Article 103 of Royal Decree 1/2007 approving the revised text of the Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, the right of withdrawal cannot be applied to this contract given the hardware-free digital nature of the content.


2.6 Other important information

a) Minimum purchase for academic institutions

If you have a Faculty member/Academic Institution profile, you will see that the system does not let you add less than five copies to the shopping cart, with the exception of instructor's notes. Please remember that to use legal copies of the documents in class, you must purchase as many copies as the number of students who will be using the document in class.

b) Types of programme

1. Regulated programmes
Offer an official academic qualification. Examples: Bachelor, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, etc.

2. Non-regulated programmes
Executive education programmes without the title of official degree. Examples: Management Development Programmes, seminars, encounters, focus cases, conferences, congresses, etc.



The full and searchable price list is available on www.iesep.com, in the Help/Pricing section. General pricing:

Private client:
Cases; short focus cases; supplements; technical notes; articles; exercises and book chapters: €6.75 / copy. 
* Members of the IESE Alumni Association and trustee board companies: 30% discount on the material mentioned above when this is from IESE, not from other schools, making the price €4.80 / copy. 

Academic client (Spain and the rest of the world except for Latin America)
For use in regulated programmes:
Cases; short focus cases; technical notes; articles; exercises and book chapters: €2.90 / copy. 
Supplements: €2 / copy
For use in non-regulated programmes:
Cases; short focus cases; technical notes; articles; exercises and book chapters: €5.40 / copy. 
Supplements: €3.80 / copy

Latin American academic client
For use in regulated programmes:
Cases; short focus cases; technical notes; articles; exercises and book chapters: €1.45 / copy. 
Supplements: €1 / copy

For use in non-regulated programmes:
Cases; short focus cases; technical notes; articles; exercises and book chapters: €2.90 / copy. 
Supplements: €2.60 / copy



The purchase process requires you to fill in personal data forms in order to process and manage orders and, if you authorise it, to send you commercial information about our products and services. Providing said personal data requires the prior approval of our Privacy Policy.


THE USER acknowledges and accepts that all industrial and intellectual property rights of the content and or any other elements inserted in the Website (including, but not limited to, all elements which make up the visual appearance, graphic image and other sensory stimuli of the pages that form part of the Website (look and feel, brands, logos, trade names, texts, reviews and comments, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flow diagrams, presentation, browsing architecture, as well as the source codes of the web pages) belong to IESE, and/or third parties who have transferred their rights. For such purposes, Website shall be understood as all creations incorporated and expressed by any means and/or tangible or intangible formats, known or unknown, which are subject to protection by the legal provisions in force in the matter of intellectual and industrial property. 

The mere viewing, printing, download or temporary storage, whether totally or partially, of the content and/or elements inserted in the Website or on its pages is authorised for THE USER'S personal, private and non-profit-making use, provided that, in any case, the origin and/or author thereof is indicated and, where appropriate, the copyright symbol and/or industrial property notes of its holders are included. 

In no case does access to the Website imply any type of waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial transfer of said rights, unless expressly stated otherwise. These Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website do not confer on THE USERS any other right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public disclosure of the Website and/or its Content, other than those expressly provided herein. Any other use or exploitation of any rights shall be subject to the prior and express authorisation specifically granted for that purpose by IESE, or the third-party holder of the rights in question. 

The use of such elements, their total or partial reproduction, disclosure and/or distribution for commercial or profit-making purposes, as well as their modification, alteration, decompilation and/or any other use of the Website, its pages and/or of the content incorporated therein is strictly forbidden. These conducts may result in however many judicial or extra-judicial actions required by IESE to exercise its rights. For any other use other than those expressly permitted, it shall be necessary to obtain prior written consent from the holder of the rights in question, using, where appropriate, our forms.


The guarantee of the articles sold by IESE PUBLISHING is of two years for private users, as stipulated in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, and other complementary laws.


Certain services offered to USERS may contain their own Terms and Conditions of Contract, such as the services offered by PARTNERS of IESE PUBLISHING through its Website. Prior to the use of these services, THE USER shall carefully read the corresponding Terms and Conditions of Contract, and specifically about the processing of personal data, should this be requested. IESE PUBLISHING is exempt from any type of liability which may derive from the use of these services offered on its Website.


For the solution of any contentious issues derived from this contract or legal act, the parties shall submit to the Consumer Arbitration Board of Catalonia, which is entrusted with the appointment of the arbitrator(s) and the administration of arbitration. If arbitration were not performed by mutual agreement or were declared void, or for the execution of the arbitration award, both parties submit, with express waiver of their own jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.


This contract, executed electronically, shall have full validity and effectiveness, producing all the effects stipulated in the legal system pursuant to Title IV of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. The acknowledgment of receipt issued by IESE PUBLISHING, which may be made electronically, shall confirm the execution of this contract and signing thereof by THE USER and IESE PUBLISHING, with this document being acceptable as documentary evidence, according to the provisions of Article 24.2 of the aforementioned Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. 

The date of these terms and conditions shall be that of the attached invoice.


Customer Service Department
Avenida Pearson, 21


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ORDER date:
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The undersigned, in accordance with current legislation to that effect and with Clause 2.4 of the Terms and Conditions of Contract of IESE, requests the withdrawal and/or revocation of the above-referenced ORDER.

Likewise, in accordance with the provisions of the same section of the Terms and Conditions of Contract of IESE, I hereby send the PRODUCT in my possession to the address in the header of this letter and I accept that the original amount paid shall be returned to me, without interest, to the account which I shall provide within a period not exceeding five working days from the moment of receipt of this document by IESE.