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Payment and delivery methods

Shipping methods

Download: this option allows you to download the document directly after purchase or in the following 15 days from My Account.
Courier: Approximate prices are listed in the table below. For other destinations or weights, write to iesep@iesep.com
**All prices are in € (euros)
Messenger express - National deliveries
  Iberian Peninsula Balearic Islands Canary Islands Ceuta and Melilla
Up to 1 Kg. 6,30 8,25 23,63 23,63
Up to 2 Kg. 6,88 8,25 27,98 27,98
International Deliveries
  Europe (A)** Europe (B)** United States and Canada South America and Caribbean
Up to 0,5 Kg. 15,49 26,88 19,91 33,14
Up to 1 Kg. 19,55 33,66 29,73 42,22
Up to 1,5 Kg. 24,91 57,07 54,18 54,48
Up to 2 Kg. 30,96 71,02 62,67 64,52
**Europe (A): Germany, Scotland, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Greece, France, Finland, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and United Kingdom.
Europe (B): Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia, Slokia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Monaco, San Marino, Poland, Romania
Pick up at IESE: collect the material at our campus in Barcelona.

Shipping methods

You can pay using your PayPal account, Visa or MasterCard credit cards, or bank transfer. This last option is only available on request. Request it by writing to iesep@iesep.com

Degree-granting and non degree-granting programs?

If you are a buyer for an academic institution, we will ask you about the intended use of the document in order to mark it as an authorized document.

Degree-granting programs: those for which an official title is awarded at completion. Example: undergraduate degrees, MBAs and other masters programs.
Executive or non-degree granting programs: training for professionals and executives in general, regardless of duration. Example: management development programs, seminars and short programs.