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Case are NOT pre-solved

Case studies are meant to be discussed in class and as such, they are not pre-solved. Color cases should be printed in color to ensure correct reading of the data.

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Other products

  • Articles

    Miscellaneous items from IESE Insight review and Harvard Business Review magazines.

  • Book chapters

    Chapters from some of the most popular books from Harvard Business School Press and IESE's Business Management Library (BIGE).

  • Short Focus Cases studies

    Brief case studies, partially pre-solved. The first collection is dedicated to small businesses, driven by entrepreneurs and in a fast-growth phase.

  • Technical note

    Documents that describe or define a concept or functioning of key aspects of the economic and business worlds.

  • Exercise

    These are practical exercises to be worked on individually or in groups.

  • Dossiers

    Series of articles on a current topic of critical importance for business leadership. In these articles, international experts discuss the issue at hand from their respective areas of expertise to help readers frame the same topic from different general management perspectives. They are taken from the IESE Insight and Harvard Business Review magazines.

  • Books

    Books written by IESE professors on various topics related to management and business leadership.