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  1. Carrefour Group: Growth Management

    Carrefour Group: Growth Management

    Roig, Guillem; Rahnema, Ahmad; Vergara Alert, Carles

    • Case OOOCase
    • F-909-E

    • Finance

    On November 13, 2014, Roberto Alonso, investment manager at Alpha Funds, received a report from his research... Mas


  2. Walmart: Segmenting Social Impact

    Walmart: Segmenting Social Impact

    Porter, Michael E.; Kramer, Mark R.; Sud, Pamela

    • Exercise OOOExercise
    • HBS-715435-E

    • Strategy

    This case provides a sample of Walmart's social engagement activities and asks students to categorize... Mas


  3. Five Keys That Will Make or Break Your Business

    Five Keys That Will Make or Break Your Business

    Kuemmerle, Walter

    • Article OOOArticle
    • ART-2712-E

    • Strategy , Entrepreneurship

    Why do some entrepreneurial enterprises and business ideas thrive in some countries but not in others?... Mas


  4. Google 2015

    Google 2015

    Sieber, Sandra; Valor Sabatier, Josep

    • Case OOOCase
    • SI-159-E

    • Innovation and Change

    The case presents Google's situation in 2007 , with an emphasis on its competitive positioning in the... Mas