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  1. Bodegas Torres: Reinventing Wine

    Bodegas Torres: Reinventing Wine

    Nueno Iniesta, José Luis; Rodríguez, Silvia

    • Case OOOCase
    • M-1313-E

    • Strategy , Marketing

    After several years of research, in August 2008 Bodegas Torres announced the launch of Natureo, its first... Mas


  2. Driving Motors Company

    Driving Motors Company

    Chiner, Alfonso; Tàpies Lloret, Josep

    • Case OOOCase
    • SM-1572-E

    • Knowledge and Communication

    The first generation of Ricardo's family had been dedicated to business, but when it came time for Ricardo... Mas


  3. A Brief History of Luxury and Fashion

    A Brief History of Luxury and Fashion

    Baldo , Andrea; Ferraro, Fabrizio

    • Technical Note OOOTechnical Note
    • SMN-689-E

    • Strategy

    The technical note provides a short history of fashion to help students understand the importance of... Mas


  4. Vogue: Defining the Culture of Fashion

    Vogue: Defining the Culture of Fashion

    Elberese, Anita; Ferrerm Joseph; Gough, Elizabeth; Katsarou, Victoria

    • Case OOOCase
    • HBS-514036-E

    • Marketing

    In March 2013, Susan Plagemann, vice president and publisher of Vogue - widely regarded as the world's... Mas