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  1. Bodegas Torres: Reinventing Wine

    Bodegas Torres: Reinventing Wine

    Nueno Iniesta, José Luis; Rodríguez, Silvia

    • Case OOOCase
    • M-1313-E

    • Strategy , Marketing

    After several years of research, in August 2008 Bodegas Torres announced the launch of Natureo, its first... Mas


  2. Managing Creativity and Innovation in Organizations

    Managing Creativity and Innovation in Organizations

    Massa, Lorenzo; Rosenberg, Mike

    • Technical Note OOOTechnical Note
    • SMN-688-E

    • Strategy , Innovation and Change

    The technical note explores the tensions between organizational structures and innovation. Building on... Mas


  3. LATAM
    Quetsol: energy and development

    Quetsol: energy and development

    Majano Guerrero, Ana María; Pérez Pineda, Felipe; Blanco, Juan Pablo

    • Case OOOCase
    • INCAE-0204-E

    • Economics , Corporate Governance

    In November 2011 Juan Fermín Rodríguez, Manager of Quetsol, based in Guatemala City, wondered what... Mas


  4. Sea Breeze Capital (A)

    Sea Breeze Capital (A)

    Nieboer, Ian; Liechtenstein, Heinrich; Kelly, Peter; Menden, Lenka; Johnson, Rob

    • Case OOOCase
    • F-888-E

    • Finance , Entrepreneurship

    In recent years, there has been growing interest in the entrepreneurial acquisitions sometimes known... Mas