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  1. From the Titanic to Hurricane Katrina

    From the Titanic to Hurricane Katrina

    Ariño Martín, Miguel Angel

    • Case OOOCase
    • AD-345-E

    • Decision Analysis , Leadership and People Management

    The case presents six situations in which critical decision making was required. They are: the voyage... Mas


  2. Amazon Goes Global

    Amazon Goes Global

    Yong Li; Jing Li

    • Case OOOCase
    • IVEY-9B14M122-E

    • Strategy

    As the world's largest online retailer, Amazon had a 12.3 per cent worldwide market share and had operations... Mas


  3. Time Series Sales Forecasting

    Time Series Sales Forecasting

    Agell Ferrer, Pere; Ariño Martín, Miguel Angel

    • Technical Note OOOTechnical Note
    • ADN-279-E

    • Decision Analysis

    The note describes a classical decomposition of a time series in its trend, seasonal component and random... Mas


  4. Turkey and the Southern Corridor

    Turkey and the Southern Corridor

    Abdelal, Rawi; Cekin, Esel; Celik, Cigdem

    • Case OOOCase
    • HBS-715042-E

    • Leadership and People Management

    In December 2014, Russia cancelled the South Stream pipeline that was envisaged to deliver natural gas... Mas