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  1. Pau Gasol (A): An International Career

    Pau Gasol (A): An International Career

    Alvarez de Mon, Santiago; Flores Alonso, Juan Enrique

    • Case OOOCase
    • DPO-375-E

    • Leadership and People Management

    This case, which focuses on the career of Pau Gasol, is the result of fieldwork carried out in the course... Mas


  2. A Broken Trust

    A Broken Trust

    Brian Lane; Vince Bruni-Bossio; Suresh Kalagnanam

    • Case OOOCase
    • IVEY-9B15N027-E

    • Finance

    Based on client meetings, this case profiles a situation in 2014 where pension plan members are struggling... Mas


  3. H  vding: The Airbag for Cyclists

    H vding: The Airbag for Cyclists

    Fuller, Joseph; Billaud, Emilie

    • Case OOOCase
    • HBS-315056-E

    • Entrepreneurship

    In 2012, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, cofounders of the H vding company, reflect on the evolution of... Mas


  4. Fast Building (A)

    Fast Building (A)

    Vaccaro, Antonino; Ramus, Tommaso

    • Case OOOCase
    • BE-193-E

    • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility , Corporate Governance

    This is a two-part case study that describes a situation of passive extortion faced by Andrew Smith,... Mas